Hue to Hue Injustice

Eye created an operating system with the help of my friend and family and shared it with an application developer under the verbal agreement that he would not take the idea without giving me credit and half of the financial gain created from it being brought to reality, “I wouldn’t do that and I have a reputation to think about” was said and then said “it is a great idea!” only to quickly turn the attention to proceeded to say that “what was really interesting was that I put this all together”, Idea was in pictures and english letters and that IS code so it was also something that I submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office, then it was asked if I would be an Intern at the company he worked for and I would need to take college classes to become an intern and code for the company. I said I was already learning code and would have to pay back college bills first in order to be able to go and that I was not interested in that as you can learn to code without paying for college. After this I contacted another developer for a company who’s website is B*****. something ( as not to defame character ) and spoke to someone who sent a NDA (non disclosure agreement) and began working towards it’s creation but as the name was being debated found an App that was in the same category as this Idea and told that person that I would need time to think about the name and the angle to take to pitch the idea ( Also we agreed verbally to split the proceeds from the App ( 50/50 ) as I offered this instead of a payment for the coding and a smaller 10 percent proceed. The Hueman happily agreed.) Fast forward 8 months later and the App/Idea/Operating System has been created and released by Apple and as iOS update (June 2018) and I have not received any financial compensation. I spoke to lawyers and was told I would need lots of money unless some Hueman took the case Pro Bono, and was told to let it go and really think about it before you do it because it could ruin my life seeking justice and credit. If you are a lawyer reading this and would like to support and bring justice to reality I would appreciate that or if you are a Hueman who feels that you can support the true creator of what you now use  ( like Tesla and Edison I am the Tesla who is alive and you are able to support like you would if any of the Huemans who contributed to our happiness and well being were still in this physical realm ) you may donate to the Patreon so I may accomplish the goals that I would have if I had the money and support and not given Huemans the trust that we all constantly struggle with. I will post the App File and the Patent document giving validation to my assertions. I wanted to help the world and the world to help me and some Huemans helped themselves.

You may share your stories of Injustices here as well.